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Branding for both – recreational and medical – cannabis is and will be strictly regulated. The key challenge is to keep your product promise and brand awareness up whilst not breaching marketing boundaries. Cannabis branding is unique – relationship building with a clear focus group is an important success factor in this industry. 

In a rec market cannabis as an entheogen enjoys a better reputation amongst users than tobacco or alcohol. Due to its better safety profile and higher product education of its user base, cannabis branding does not fight the same vice-pushbacks as classical legal drugs.

As regulators act super cautious in this new consumer market, the maximization of use is not the right pathway for cannabis businesses. Cannabis marketing can never downplay potential negative consequences. Instead, marketing stories must speak truth and support education.

It is key to understand the own patient or consumer base, use proper education and innovative brand awareness strategies to gain more market share. Successful brand owners are on top of the value chain, others are only commodity providers.

Suasionis will get your marketing and sales strategy to success. We focus on growing your sales in the best verticals. With the latest market figures, target audience analysis and consumer segmentation we get your brand well positioned and acknowledged.