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To wholesale, batch approve or transport cannabinoid pharmaceuticals, GDP guidelines need to be taken into consideration. 

For recreational cannabis in Germany, similar guidelines are expected to be applicable. It is important for almost every cannabis business to be aware of these guidelines. Known shortcuts to obtain permits quickly will enable you to ship your product safely and in compliance.

GDP aims to guarantee product quality safety throughout the entire chain of transport from manufacturing plants over CFA until the retailers. As the safety of the patients is top priority, GPD is based on 4 main pillars:
Quality monitoring system with appropriate SOPs,
Transparency of the entire supply chain (validated, documented),
Proper complaint and reporting system,
Analysis and minimization of transport, storage and counterfeits risks.

GDP principles in the EU affect import, repack, refill, analyzing, distribution, batch approval and many other activities. Often required German licenses in connection therewith are the manufacturing §13 & §72 AMG or wholesaling licenses §52a AMG.

We suggest always to set-up your cannabis venture with GDP principles in mind. Later adaptations to binding standards cost a lot more time and resources than considering GDP from scratch.

For in-depth GDP guidance, wholesaling and manufacturing permits, enabling and execution of GDP principles front-to-end please contact us.