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Plant touching businesses often have their own philosophy when it comes to growing cannabis. Many decades of prohibition have built the perception amongst growers that Cannabis Sativa L. is a one-of-a-kind plant.

To some extent this is true, as cannabis is indeed amongst the few living species that are able to produce cannabinoids on such a large scale. The process of growing on the other hand can be demystified: Many agricultural and horticultural techniques that are efficient in growing cannabis have been mastered already. 

GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice) can be achieved fairly easily. It is key to have your processes set right from the start. They directly affect the GACP-certification and much more importantly the quality of your final product.

Cannabis businesses must be aware that finding the proper master growers to achieve their targets is complicated. In addition to perfect recipes for your particular growing conditions and years of experience in professional facilities, head growers must find the right chemovars for your application. Proper seed banks, DNA sequencing and certificate of origins are challenging to find, select and secure.

Cannapreneurs understand the importance of every parameter such as facility set-up, lighting, substrate, water, additives, chemicals, ventilation, temperature, humidity, black out times or CO2 controls. All of these must be tailored to your chemovars and your goals for the final product. The process requires diligence, adaptability, iterative testing and a great agricultural education and experience.

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