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Entrepreneurs that run a cannabis company must live with strict regulations everyday. Cannabis products are either narcotics or borderline narcotics (minor THC levels). Both  face heavy scrutiny of authorities. Often, regulations and regulators are the bottleneck during build-up, growth and internationalization.

Many businesses are well aware of applicable laws in their field of operations. It remains a key challenge to remain on top and comply with the numerous, complex and constantly changing regulations.

Cannabis is an international industry. To produce a final product imported starting drugs are manufactured, shipped, refined, distributed – often in multiple countries or jurisdictions. This adds more legal complexity for successful cannabis corporations.

Next to this, cannapreneurs must understand that laws and regulations are not written in stone and can be ambiguous. They vary and they are interpreted differently by different people and authorities. Regulators are sometimes slow to adapt, often non-binding in their responses and erratic before final permits are issued.

It is crucial to grasp all applicable regulations and laws, understand the shortcuts, and know the right personnel and offices to contact. Suasionis is the right partner in this regard. We bring flexibility and adaptability that will accelerate all your processes. Mistakes can easily be avoided.

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