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Cloning chambers, closed-system grow boxes, LEDs, manufacturing equipment, transportation boxes, cannabis focus clinics, child-proof packaging, vaporizers, premium pipes, colored papers. The list of possible opportunities is endless.

To successfully launch products in Europe, a clear segmentation and understanding of your target group is essential. The requirements of the pharmaceutical markets are often very different to the requirements of the recreational market. Different consumers have different preferences and your products must be tailored accordingly. Consumer behaviors differ also from region to region, age, gender and social background.

Many cannabis businesses want to do everything at the same time, create products for every use case and customer. This is a strategy to fail – both for plant and non-plant touching businesses.

Get the right data on your customers and segments with Suasionis. Test and build excellent products tailored to your target group. Understand and grasp your focus market fully. With Suasionis you get all the insights and strategy advice you need to succeed.