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Cannabis businesses today understand that maximization of production is a failed strategy. Many larger businesses have wasted millions of dollars by aiming for an ecommerce growth strategy. Joining a race for maximum market share and maximum volume is a race to the bottom that ignores consumer behaviors, important trends and regulations.

Cannabis ventures must apply intelligent and organic growth strategies. Mass growth strategies are not suited for our heavily regulated market. Restricted access and strong scrutiny sets the limits to growth. Internationalization is tougher than in many other consumer segments – different regulations and authorities as well as consumer behaviors have direct effects on your products, margins and time to market.

With cannabis businesses you have to grow smart or not grow at all. Quality becomes increasingly important to distance from competition and illicit markets. Just adding more markets, products or volume just adds complexity and can even lower your profits. Real growth starts with a deep understanding of your audience and market. With a proper and diligent execution plan tailored to your team and products you will achieve profitable growth.

Suasionis supports you with market, commercial and business plan due diligence. We analyze your central market drivers in existing and future segments. We quantify your market models and evaluate all scenarios to micro and macro impacts as well as benchmark these to the competition.

Plan, build and execute your growth story for Europe and Germany with Suasionis. Contact us.